Domestic Window Cleaning

Domestic Window Cleaning

Our primary service is window cleaning. We have invested in systems that enable the customer to benefit from aH the modern technology available when it comes to cleaning and payment methods therefore eliminating the pre - conceived perceptions associated with the window cleaning industry. Be assured as a customer of JADE window cleaning & support services you wili be dealing with a highly skilled team of professionals both in the field and at management level.

A summary of the science of pure water window cleaning.


Better Cleaning Results.

You may be surprised to know that no chemicals or detergents are used or required. Dirt particles are agitated using a purpose made, soft bristled brush, and rinsed away using extremely pure water.

Windows cleaned using this method are left wet which is what seems strange to some If the windows have been cleaned correctly once the windows dry naturally, you will be no doubt be impressed with the results. The window frames will also be cleaned more thoroughly than using traditional methods.

You may notice that the windows seem to stay cleaner for longer. This is because there is no sticky soap residue left on the window. Usually rainfall would mix with this soap residue and form little spots on the windows. After a little while using this method, all traces of the soap residue will be rinsed away. The rain will have no soap residue to mix with and therefore they will likely appear to remain cleaner for longer.


Health and Safety Legislation

Legislation now limits the use of ladders as temporary workstations. The law states that ladders should only be used when all viable safer alternatives have been considered. Water fed pole systems are seen as a safer alternative. This window cleaning method allows cleaners to do the job to a very high standard and can therefore substitute the use of ladders. Accidents do happen and if falling from height can be avoided then it makes good sense. The use of water fed poles as an alternative to ladders where possible to do so, is now seen as the accepted way of cleaning windows in harmony with recent health and safety legislation.

Reduced disturbance.

Water fed poles are less invasive than ladders and cause less disturbance and potential damage. (E.g. reduced noise, no dents in your lawn, less likely to damage window sills etc.) Also, the time it takes to clean the windows is likely to be less than with traditional methods.

Increased privacy.

Something many householders appreciate is that by using water fed poles instead of ladders, there is no more need to worry about the window cleaner suddenly appearing at the bedroom window. No more running around tidying up or rushing to shut the curtains!

Improved access.

Window cleaners can now reach with ease previously inaccessible aspects of your property such as third floor windows, conservatory roofs, windows above the conservatory or sloping roofs and other windows that previously had to be left for safety reasons.
Cleaning windows The JADE Way
Don't accept anything less - your window cleaner will always do the following:
Clean your windows to the highest possible specification
Clean your sills
Clean your frames
Work safely and carefully when on your property
Provide you with a total service that leaves you feeiing not only delighted with the results but also very happy to recommend JADE window cleaning & support services to potential clients.