Solar Panel Cleaning

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Solar Panel Cleaning

Light from the sun hits the panel and is absorbed. If anything is in the way of the panels then the amount of light reaching the panel is reduced and therefore less sunlight reaches the panel, which means less solar energy is captured.

Many of the new panels claim to be self-cleaning, but this is not entirely true. Due to the position of the panels facing upwards they are very prone to bird dropping deposits and other debris settling on the surface. THIS WILL NOT CLEAN ITSELF When it rains then some of the dust or bird droppings that have accumulated on the panels is washed away. Bird dropping that has not been quickly removed dry hard as concrete and are very difficult to remove. The acid nature of this stuff can mark the panels.

In a dry period the dust and bird droppings build up and lower the efficiency of the panel by at least 30%.

Use deionized water & water fed pole technology for cleaning.

This is something everyone agrees on regardless of how the panels are to be cleaned. Using this type of water no streaks are left making the panel dirtier than it was before is was cleaned and if you buy your own you can have immaculately cleaned cars in the same way as a bonus. If tap water is used deposits are left on the panels making then worse than before.

These water systems are used to produce the soft water which can be used to clean the panels. Many of these systems use water fed poles to deliver the water to the panels from the ground, so no ladders and reaching is involved.